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VeriShotᵀᴹ Single Valve Gate System

►Compact ► Precise ► Stainless Steel

Sporting an extremely compact design, the VeriShotᵀᴹ system greatly reduces mold height requirements as it doubles as a locating ring housing the mechanics. This ensures perfect alignment between mold and machine platens.

Pre-assembled, VeriShotᵀᴹ features Mastips FlowLoc™ threaded leak proof nozzles with advanced heating technology for optimum control, providing exceptional thermal performance for improved part quality making it ideal for applications requiring a highly cosmetic gate finish, fast flow rates, large volume parts, and dimensional accuracy.

With an excellent thermal profile, VeriShotᵀᴹ ensures a wide molding window and is capable of processing a wide range of both engineering and commodity polymers. Low mold filling stress results in superior part quality and consistency.

With patent-pending technology that includes high-temperature seals and adjustable valve pins, the system provides a flawless injection molding process.

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