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Touchscreen Temperature Controllers

CTI Series

The CTI controller series has 3 different models of mainframes depending on the number of zones required. These include CTI-100 (max zones 32), CTI-200 (max zones 80), and CTI-300 (max zones 120).

Access to all user serviceable parts, such as fuses, are done through the front of the controller by loosening the upper and lower screws on each heat sink and removing the modules.  The connectors for the mold-power and thermocouple cables, and the connectors for valve gate control cables, are located at the rear of the mainframe.

The CTI temperature controllers can be connected to either 3-phase 4-wire Y / Δ type (200-240Vac) or 3-phase 5-wire Y type (380-415Vac) mains power supplies. 




Technical Information

Product Information

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