New Product Releases and Expanded Nozzle Range for 2019


BX SX and TX (FlowLoc) Nozzles now in expanded range of lengths - Mastip can accommodate large manifold systems. 

To see the full nozzle range lengths click the links: BX,SX and TX.

Mastip Open Valve Tips with Clip-On Cap Insulators 

Mastip’s Open Valve Tip range has been extended and redesigned to accommodate insulator caps while providing precise valve pin guidance to reduce wear and tear at the gate.

Redesigned to enable cap insulators to clip-on, the open valve tips in G1 and G5 range will have an identifiable groove at the tip end to retain the cap. A new range of Guided Valve (GV) tips, the GVG5, has been developed for precise valve pin alignment to extend production life of the gate.

The GVG5 tip is supplied as a pre-assembled Open Nut option to improve cylindrical gate shut-off.

A hard wearing Valve Bush Nut with cylindrical gate shut-off can also be supplied with a GVG5


Open Valve Tip Features

  • Conical or Cylindrical gate shut-off
  • Precise valve pin guidance
  • Able to accommodate Universal Cap Insulator
  • Excellent thermal performance providing wider moulding window
  • Easy assembly and servicing of nozzle components
  • X-Range versatility
  • Ideal for engineering, industrial, electrical and automotive component moulding industries
  • Copper alloy and carbide tips

When should Cap Insulators be used?

Insulation caps provide the advantage of isolating the gate well from residence sensitive polymers like PC. This ensures superior part quality and consistency while providing superior thermal performance by insulating the tip from cooling polymers.

Cap insulators are ideal for applications with frequent colour changes or those processing sensitive materials that require precise cavity-to-cavity conformity and exceptional surface quality.

Insulating caps can be fitted to both standard OVG1 and GVG5 tips with open nuts.

The cap insulator and guided valve tip solutions are available from May - Talk to your local distributor or contact us directly to find out more