Gaining a Competitive Edge in White Goods Industry

Having collaborated with leading white goods brands for over 30 years, Mastip has designed and manufactured a large number of customized systems and continuously expanded our product range to provide ideal solutions for white goods manufacturing.

With a deep understanding of evolved moulding requirements Mastip is able to help our customers with challenges and support them to gain a competitive edge in the white goods market. 

Anti-Corrosion Solution

As previously mentioned, certain types of  polymers, e.g. polymers with flame retardant additives, can bring the risk of corrosion to a hot runner system. Among all of the system components, Nozzle tips are widely considered the most consumable parts in hot runner systems, particularly when processing corrosive polymers. While tip wear not only causes unnecessary downtime and additional spare parts costs, it also leads to gate degradation which compromises part quality.

Mastip developed the G5 carbide tips for the most aggressive polymers. G5 tips are manufactured from tungsten carbide material with titanium nitride coating. Complimented by the H5 nut, G5 provides exceptional resistance to corrosion.

Backed with an extensive industry-leading 5-year warranty, Mastip provides assurance for our customers against wear caused by moulding with aggressive polymers and future trending polymers like recycled or bio-material.  

Solutions for Sequential Filling

White goods are typically larger parts with complex structures that can challenge the conventional injection moulding process. With finished goods requiring a highly aesthetic finish, care needs to be taken to avoid defects such as weld lines, unbalanced filling, warpage and burn marks.

A Sequential filling approach is commonly adopted for large part moulding since it has been proven effective to improve part quality.  By controlling the opening and closing sequence of valve gates, moulders are able to reposition or remove weld lines from the parts.

Therefore, white goods moulders are actively seeking the optimal sequential filling solution which can provide accurate valve gate control with a superior thermal profile.

Rheological Analysis

To ensure uniform filling and a balanced thermal profile, Mastip’s first step is to analyse the entire moulding process by including hot runner system models to achieve accurate results. Our Moldflow experts provide detailed analysis of rheological balance to help customers identify the risk of part defects before their tools are built.


NexusValve Gate System and GTV8/GV24 Sequential Controllers

Nexus™ Pre-Assembled and Pre-Wired Systems are designed as a complete turn-key solution with simple and quick installation philosophy in mind. Fully customised frame, electrical connectors and nozzle assembly maximize the design flexibility.

In addition to the flexible layout, Nexus™ offers the best-in-class thermal profile with the latest Flowloc™ screwed-in Nozzles. Flowloc™ nozzles with advanced heating technology provide uniformed thermal distribution which is critical for sensitive polymers such as recycled and bio-plastics.

Mastip GTV8/GV24 sequential controllers are the best companion for Nexus™ valve gate systems, supporting both pneumatic and hydraulic actuation. The combination empowers white goods moulders to precisely control each gate and achieve the best part quality.


Cost-Effective Solution for Large Parts - BX Nozzle

From front panel to air conditioning hood, BX nozzles are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for low to medium cavity applications.

Available in 13, 16, 19 and 27 series, BX nozzle provides up to 600g/s flow rate to ensure the high throughput with low pressure loss when filling large white goods parts.

BX Nozzle delivers an excellent performance which not only guarantees high-quality parts but also maximizes your productivity to achieve a better return on investment.


Laundry Machine Parts

Application Details

Raw Material:  PP+20% Talc   

Part Weight: 1000g

Part Size:  85.6 x 529 mm                          

Wall Thickness: 2.5 mm

No of Cavity: 2

No of Drops: 8

Mastip Solutions

Nozzle: TXTT27476G5/ TXTT27416G5

8 Drop Manifold System for the family mould

G5 tips for anti-abrasive solution


Dish Washer Parts

Application Details

Raw Material: PP & Elastomer

Part Weight: 750 gm

Part Size: 580 x 480mm

Wall Thickness: 2mm

No of Drops: 10

Mastip Solutions

Nozzle Solution: BXOV19G5 / MXTT19G1 / BXTT27G5

10 Drop Valve and Thermal Gate Hot Half


A/C Front Lens

Application Details

Raw Material:  PP + ABS

Part Weight: 1329 + 342 g

Part Size: 875 x 319 x 122 mm

Wall Thickness: 2.5 mm

No of Cavity: 1                                                                                

No of Drops: 11 + 11

Mastip Solutions

Nozzle Selection: BXOV27

Gate Style: Direct & Indirect


AC Hood

Application Details

Raw Material: ABS

Part Weight: 2800 gm

Part Size: 418 x 808.5 x 500 mm

No of Cavity: 1                                       

No of Drops: 7

Mastip Solutions

Nozzle Selection: