Get Rid of Unnecessary Downtime with the Industries No1 Tip for Abrasive Applications

Not all Hot Runner components are created equal and neither are the warranties

As previously mentioned, reinforced polymers with materials like glass fillers or additives are on the rise through the demands from commercial and consumer industries.

Is it essential that a hot runner system is designed and manufactured with the latest technology to ensure that you stay in production longer and reduce unnecessary and costly maintenance and downtime.

Hot Runner companies typically provide generous warranties on non-wearable components that are not expected to come into contact with abrasive polymers, for example manifolds or nozzles bodies.

Components that contribute to the most frequent maintenance and production downtime are typically referred to as wearable items and can include items like tips or tip less nuts.


Experience and Expertise you can count on

With over 30 years experience providing innovative hot runner solutions and a broad expertise in processing engineering grade polymers, Mastip can supply the ideal solution for you.

We stand behind our high performance G5 tips, the No1 tip for processing reinforced polymers by offering the following industry first:



Experience the Difference - G5 Tips

Mastip's dedicated line of tips engineered to withstand engineering polymers and perform under the most demanding applications is known as the G5 tip grade.

G5 is manufactured from Tungsten Carbide with a Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating. It provides extreme resistance to filled polymers and is guaranteed for 5 Years against normal wear associated with engineering and filled polymers.

Download our latest Mastip in Focus - G5 Brochure below


Mastip in Focus - G5 Tip.pdf