Stainless Steel Nozzle Range for Corrosion Resistance

In the modern era of Injection Moulding, plastics are widely used in many industries (e.g. automotive, building, agriculture) as an alternative to traditional materials like steel and wood.

There are many benefits associated with plastic parts including the low cost of mass production, ability to mould complex designs, advantages of light-weighting and also the ability to process customized polymers with unique properties that significantly improve their strength or resistance to abrasion, heat, corrosion or impact.

Over the last 30 years Mastip has focused on providing a range of solutions to process abrasive fillers like glass fibre, talc and minerals with our range of G5 Tips and H5 Nuts.

Mastip has also seen a steady rise in applications that include engineering polymers with flame retardant additives which can lead to corrosion within our hot runner systems. 

In order to resist the corrosion, steel with a higher chrome content is required such as 420 stainless steel. 

With these requirements in mind Mastip has now extended our nozzle range by adding a select range of 420 stainless-steel (SS) nozzle assemblies in MX, BX and SX to complement our  TX (FlowLoc™) nozzle bodies which are already manufactured from 420 stainless steel.

This will allow our customers to order spare parts or full systems with less lead time, putting you back into production quicker.

For a complete list of what is now available as a standard stocked item please review the System Selection Guide or talk with your local distributor


For more details download System Selection Guide