Multi-Cavity and Hot Halves Systems Continue to Evolve

Taking advantage of the latest technological advances Mastip continues to evolve their multi-cavity and hot-half solutions with a series of innovations and product upgrades.

The MX Nozzle is Mastip’s premium multi-cavity solution, producing small to medium parts ideally suited for medical and consumer applications that require impeccable gate quality. The MX Nozzle has been redesigned to include a micro-coil heater embedded into a copper alloy sleeve requiring lower wattage, leading to an improved thermal profile and efficiency. To satisfy customer requests the MX nozzle range has been extended to offer more standard lengths and will shortly be available in a select range of stainless steel. The MX nozzle allows for close cavity pitching and is available in both Thermal and Valve Gate configurations.

Mastip’s Open Valve (OV) Tip range has been extended and redesigned to accommodate insulator caps while providing precise valve pin guidance to extend the production life of the gate. The redesign enables Insulator caps (ideal for sensitive materials or frequent colour changes) to clip-on to a groove at the end of the tip allowing easy removal. Open Valve Tips are available as a G1 Tip (Copper Alloy with nickel coating) for commodity polymers or as a wear resistant G5 Tip (Tungsten Carbide with TiN Coating) for filled or high temperature polymers.

The recently launched series of MetiCom Temperature Controllers provide a high quality, reliable solution that offers precise performance, easy set-up and simple operating. When combined with a Hot Half as an all-in-one solution, MetiCom Controllers provide reduced molding risk which Mastip back by an extension of the system warranty from 3 to 5 years.

Mastip Multi-Cavity and Hot Half solutions are available in thermal or valve gate configurations, delivered as a complete solution and come with an option of plates in either high quality P20 steel or 420 stainless steel.