Celebrating our 30 Year Anniversary!

In 2021 Mastip is very proud to celebrate 30 years of supporting the global injection moulding industry.

Founded in 1991, our first manufacturing facility supported local customers in Auckland, New Zealand before growing into a multinational company that today delivers and supports hot runner solutions into over 40 countries globally.




Today Mastip supplies a wide range of hot runner solutions including complex systems such as high cavitation, multi-material and stack moulds.  Mastip’s solutions are used to support any industry, with special experience and expertise in challenging applications, such as those including engineering and high-performance polymers.

At Mastip we are very fortunate to be involved in the injection moulding industry, an industry at the forefront of innovation in material science and designing products that make the World a better place to live.

We would like to thank the product designers, the mold makers and the tool makers for giving us  challenging applications that make us excited to come to work and drive our next generation of hot runner solutions. Keep pushing the boundaries and giving us exciting projects to work on.

From all the team at Mastip we would like to thank our global partners for supporting us and helping Mastip to achieve this milestone.