About Mastip

We make things better.

Mastip is an industry-leading designer, manufacturer, and solutions provider of hot-runner systems. Our systems enable customers to produce the highest quality polymer and plastic products in segments ranging from medical and electronics through to appliances and automotive.

We are headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with subsidiaries in the US, EU and Asia. We have distributors around the world and support solutions for customers in over 40 countries.

In 1991 we began designing and manufacturing components for novel injection nozzles. We continued to grow our domain knowledge, and by the early 2000s we were providing customers with total-solution hot runner systems. Our rheologically-balanced manifolds and complete range of nozzle solutions suit all types of injection-moulding applications, including ones using more difficult engineering-grade polymers.

Today, Mastip supplies complete Hot Half or manifold-only solutions into most markets, covering engineering resins, high cavity systems, and multiple material applications.

We are a dependable and proactive long-term partner to our customers. We draw from our deep domain knowledge of polymer engineering, tooling, and production techniques to provide tailored solutions. Our work is underpinned by outstanding global customer service and support.

We would like you to experience the Mastip difference and see how we can make things better. Please get in touch!

For more information, please download our company introduction:

Introduction to Mastip Technology Limited