VeriShotᵀᴹ Single Valve Gate System

VeriShotᵀᴹ Single Valve Gate System

Compact ► Precise  Control

Pre-assembled  Stainless Steel 

Sporting an extremely compact design, the VeriShotᵀᴹ system greatly reduces mold height requirements as it doubles as a locating ring housing the mechanics. This ensures perfect alignment between mold and machine platens.

Pre-assembled, VeriShotᵀᴹ features Mastips FlowLoc™ threaded leak proof nozzles with advanced heating technology for optimum control, providing exceptional thermal performance for improved part quality making it ideal for applications requiring a highly cosmetic gate finish, fast flow rates, large volume parts and dimensional accuracy.

“We’re pleased to bring our next generation VeriShotᵀᴹ system to the market,” said Marc Michel, CEO, Mastip Technology Limited. “With this new design mold makers will enjoy quick, hassle-free installation, precision control during the injection process and straightforward maintenance for maximum product lifespan.”

With an excellent thermal profile, VeriShotᵀᴹ ensures a wide molding window and is capable of processing a wide range of both engineering and commodity polymers. Low mold filling stress results in superior part quality and consistency.

VeriShotᵀᴹ is compatible with TX19 and TX27 FlowLoc™ nozzles, which screw directly into the lower manifold providing a secure, leak-proof solution. With patent-pending technology that includes high-temperature seals and adjustable valve pins, the system provides a flawless injection molding process.

With Stainless Steel construction for maximum service life, the VeriShotᵀᴹ is a small but mighty solution with a reduced mould height at 54mm+ nozzles.

The VeriShotᵀᴹ has patent-pending technology, that enables you to precisely control your injection process.

Speak to us today about our latest innovation, the industry-defining, VeriShotᵀᴹ Single Valve Gate System which is now shipping!

  • Location ring can be sized to your requirement